How to choose a switch for your VoIP business?

Since last few years, a lot of businesses are moving to VoIP services from the legacy telecom networks. But there can be a lot of apprehension and uneasiness when switching to VoIP. A successful migration to VoIP services heavily depends on the type of infrastructure the business is using to get a high quality voice service. So to choose the perfect VoIP switch for your business you must keep in mind a few things.
Hosted Vs. Onsite VoIP
Both hosted and onsite Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems offer unique advantages. For a business with no pre-existing PBX hardware, a hosted service can be the perfect solution. Not only is set up easy, but, with everything in the cloud, you are saved both the cost of new hardware and future maintenance fees.
Alternatively, while an onsite system will require a greater initial investment and necessitate on-going maintenance, it arguably provides your business with superior flexibility and greater control over your telecommunications network.
Billing Options
Most VoIP solution providers sell billing as a separate module instead of offering it with their proprietary VoIP softswitch software. This can add up to additional burden on part of service providers. It not only causes financial burden but also results in sync issues if your switch isn’t sourced from the same solution provider. Ultimately, it results in bad user experience and you might end up losing a great deal of market share. Therefore, always make sure to purchase a switch platform that has in-built billing facility.
If you’ve already researched the comparative strengths between a cloud-based switch and a more traditional switch, you’ll be aware that one of the most significant advantages a cloudswitch has is the scalability. However, different switch providers have variations in ease of deployment and flexibility when scaling. It’s important to choose a vendor that can deliver a genuinely global infrastructure in just a matter of minutes. This allows you to offer an international footprint, giving your business a significant competitive advantage over other carriers.
Updates and Upgrades
An updated VoIP Softswitch will always keep you ahead of competition. So, check if your solution provider commits for constant updates and upgrades. It can be paid or free upgrades/updates. So, you need to cross-check with your solution provider and opt for paid ones if it is worth for your business.
Technical Support
Finally, softswitch provider’s technical support plays a key role for ensuring your business success. Should there arise any technical issues with VoIP Softswitch or the portal, your solution provider must act immediately to resolve them without affecting your end users.
Stability and Security
Getting this right is important. It allows you peace of mind for the future and gives you confidence that your infrastructure is safe.
You should be deciding to partner with a switch platform that takes security seriously. Using security measures such as elliptic curve cryptography and encrypting both administrator and customer control panels with TLS standards are important. Equally, ensuring that your switch operates a dual-layer firewall should also be a consideration.
At Denovo Labs, when you purchase our switches, we make sure that all the above mentioned conditions are met and you get a seamless VoIP experience.
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