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Call termination or VoIP termination is a beneficial business for converting VoIP signal into GSM. This is done by means of VoIP-GSM gateway with SIM box and customer traffic. A SIM box (also called a SIM bank) is device used as part of a VoIP gateway installation. It contains a number of SIM cards, which are linked to the gateway but housed and stored separately from it. A SIM box can have SIM cards of different mobile operators installed, permitting it to operate with several GSM gateways located in different places.
The SIM box operator can route international calls through the VoIP connection and connect the call as local traffic, allowing the box's operator to bypass international rates and often undercut prices charged by local mobile network operators.
Benefits of VoIP - GSM Gateways
Enhanced Network Connectivity for an Existing System
A VoIP-GSM gateway sits in-line between the existing PBX/IP-PBX and offers connectivity to GSM and IP network. This allows the users behind the PBX/IP-PBX to directly place calls over GSM and IP networks using their regular telephone handsets.
The gateways enhance existing system connectivity, allowing a call to be routed via the cheapest possible network route. Several routing algorithms are pre-fed into the gateway devices to select between available networks before placing the call. The direct network connectivity offers significant cost savings, with the convenience of using existing telephony devices and retaining habitual dialing methods. The IP network connectivity facilitates VoIP telephony for long-distance calling. Several mobile SIMs can be placed within the gateway to take advantage of varied operator plans as per location or time of call.
Simplified Multi-Site Connectivity
With continuous expansion of business horizons across geography, organizations tend to have more and more regional offices. A VoIP gateway facilitates easy and low cost communication between these geographically distant branch offices over cost-effective IP network. This would eliminate long distance call charges between these locations as the calls would now be carried over the Internet at much lower call rates. It thereby eliminates the enormous communication cost incurred while placing long distance calls between branch-offices; over PSTN network or ISDN lines.
Virtual Trunking
With VoIP gateways installed at various office locations, users of one branch-office can virtually access trunk connectivity of the other branch office. The VoIP gateway routes a call over costeffective IP network till the last mile of termination and facilitates users at one location to access the local GSM network of a remote branch-office and thus eliminates heavy inter-network toll charges, relaying calls over IP till the last possible mile of termination.
Lower TCO
Demanding a much lower capital expenditure, the gateways extend network connectivity of existing telephony system. This preserves the value investment already made and offers the flexibility accessing new networks and features. Also a VoIP gateway brings inherent benefits of IP technology, allowing the resources of PBX/IP-PBX at one location to be virtually accessed over IP from a remote location. For instance, digital leased lines are expensive and also lack connectivity in remote locations. A VoIP gateway can extend the digital network connectivity and ISDN DDI services from one location to other remote locations via the IP network. This makes the gateway a perfect solution for the locations, where either leasing T1/E1 PRI connectivity is a costly affair or availability of fixed network is intricate.
Reduced OPEX
With the new networks-GSM and IP being integrated into a limited connectivity system, every call being placed from the system can now choose to travel via the direct and more cost-effective path. For instance a call made to a GSM number can be routed via the GSM SIM card in the gateway while a long-distance call can be routed over the IP network. The gateways can automatically take such decisions, relieving the users from remembering complex dialing patterns. These algorithms are variedly termed as least cost logics or automatic route selection schemes.
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