DeNoVoLab Brings Proven All-in-One Softswitch to BBCOM’s High Performance Switching Architecture

Premier US VoIP Service Provider Chooses DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion for its Wholesale Termination Services

For Immediate Release: August 18, 2017

Key Takeaways:

  • BBCOM expanded its capacity with Class 4 Fusion Switch.
  • The DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion Switch provides BBCOM with switching, routing, integrated billing, advanced blocking and traffic monitoring.
  • DeNoVoLab’s Class 4 Fusion SBCs incorporates automation including rate generation, rate delivery, traffic monitoring and blocking, loop detection, fraud detection, and much more.
Wilmington, DE. – DeNoVoLab, a global leader in high performance Class 4 switching, announced today that BBCOM, a leading wholesale and retail telephony provider, selected the DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion as the foundation for its expanded network architecture for high quality conversational and call center termination service.  
Based in Los Angeles, BBCOM provides traditional enterprise telecommunications services, such as direct inward dialing and toll-free services. With increasing interest from customers for call center termination services, BBCOM expanded its switching capacity to accommodate growing customer demands.
A fundamental requirement when providing call center traffic is the ability to support high CPS and the blocking of invalid calls.  The DeNoVoLab solution provides BBCOM with robust routing functionality, allowing them to maximize port utilization and profitability. The DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion also delivers industry-leading scale, intelligent routing, geo-redundancy and simplified network management. Additionally, BBCOM selected DeNoVoLab as its fully automatic from rate generation to rate delivery.  Both BBCOM clients and agents can use the DeNoVoLab platform’s self-service portal to check reports and CDRs, allowing BBCOM to significantly increase customer service and satisfaction.  BBCOM has already begun to add new customers onto its DeNoVoLab-based switching platform.
“Call Center termination is the fastest-growing segment in wholesale termination and BBCOM is now in an excellent position to deliver high quality call center termination to customers with exceptional levels of reliability, availability and performance,” said Anne Kwong, DeNoVoLab Chief Architect. “Using DeNoVoLab SBCs for wholesale termination, BBCOM can terminate more minutes with maximum profitability.”
“DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion is designed to work on high CPS VoIP traffic switching, and that has allowed us to turn up almost unlimited capacity for our call center customers,” said Robert Bral, CEO, BBCOM. “The DeNoVoLab solution also delivers features, such as Least Cost Routing, Bad Call Blocking and SIP message manipulation, that enable us to maximize utilization and profitability”.


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About BBCOM (
Founded in 1997, BBCOM, Inc. operates the fastest-growing US VOIP telecommunications network with more than 3 Billion minutes processed annually. Headquartered in Los Angeles, BBCOM operates a nationwide facilities-based VOIP network delivering wholesale and retail services to leading carriers, wholesale companies and large retail enterprises. BBCOM offers a full suite of Origination and Termination VOIP services and the company's new Local International VOIP services introduce unprecedented value, quality and flexibility for US customers who frequently place and receive calls to and from other countries.

About DeNoVoLab (
DeNoVoLab Limited. is a leader in high performance Class 4 softswitch that is equipped with billing, routing, and automated traffic monitoring with proven expertise in delivering secure, reliable and scalable, and high performance soft switching solutions. With customers across the globe, DeNoVoLab has enabled service providers to capture and retain users and generate significant ROI by though our feature rich switch solution and automated operation allowing service provider to terminate more traffic with less operation cost. DeNoVolab Class 4 Switch include media, signaling gateways, routing servers, session border controllers and subscriber features. DeNoVoLab Class 4 switch is supported by a global services team with experience from leading telecommunication equipment manufacturers such as Nortel and Huawei. For more information, visit
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