The Comparison of PRI and SIP Trunking

Times are changing - it is inevitable; and each day lots of businesses in the world become more virtual and less of a job that is performed on the land.
The needs of businessmen are also changing. Nowadays, instead of using PRI (Primary Rate Interface) that uses traditional landline telephone system, many business systems use SIP trunking. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and it is the system that works over the internet.
If you run your business completely on the internet, would you still use the traditional telephony? And if you are a person who works in a physical office, would you switch your PRI with SIP? The answers depend on a company's needs.
Here are some facts about PRI and SIP trunking you may find interesting and helpful.

  • ·         Quality – PRI wins over SIP in quality of service. You can rest assured that your phone lines will work if you use PRI trunks. Even though SIP trunking also offers great quality of service, your business may suffer if you experience delays and lagging in the phone connection. Keep in mind that SIP phone lines are not working when the internet connection is down while PRI lines work.

  • ·         Pricing – When you compare the prices between SIP trunking and PRI, SIP pays off. Many providers offer SIP systems that are beneficial and financially rewarding – cheaper than PRI. A cost-effective telephony system means a lot if you want to save money to grow your business. Some of the reasons PRI phone lines are more expensive are manual calls rerouting and the cost of the hardware installation.

  • ·         Type of Connection – SIP uses internet connection so its lines are virtual. That means that physical line used by PRI loses over the SIP. Virtual trunks can be beneficial in times when you want to grow your business and install more telephone lines. Additionally, since SIP is more flexible, you could change the address of your company without the need to worry about the physical wires. Everything is online.

  • ·         IT– When it comes to maintenance, the business that uses traditional telephone lines depends on staff that works within the company. When you use SIP, you are able hire an IT professional to virtually take care of your connection. Another thing is that if you want to add more phone lines, SIP trunks are installed as software, while PRI trunks use cables and other hardware. SIP wins in IT category.

When deciding which telephone technology is better for your business, take a closer look to cons and pros of both PRI lines and SIP trunks. Your decision may depend of the number of people that use phone at your company or the men from the maintenance facility.
If you are more of an „old school“ person and/or your business depends on the high quality calls, then stick to the PRI trunks. By choosing PRI, you will choose more hardware in your company. But if you have no IT staff or you run a virtual business, then you should choose SIP.  
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